Bienvenue Pierre Louis Costes

Pierre Louis Costes

I'm super happy to welcome Pierre Louis Costes as official brand ambassador.

PLC is one the best surfer on the Planet and his wave riding approach is changing surfing perceptions since a while now. At only 30 the best is yet to come for him and I feel blessed to be on his side with the brand. 🙏🏻
His commitment, wave riding, style and kindness make him a perfect ambassador for @sen_no_sen 🐙
Funny fact is we’ve been his first sponsor when we was a kid so Pierre knows the brand and our values, it’s like we’ve been linked since day one through bodyboarding DNA and almost 20 years later it looks like natural that he comes back to be part of this new chapter of the brand that’s happening in 2020.

Pierre Louis Costes Sen No Sen


Pierre Louis Costes words from his Instagram account:

I have the immense pleasure to announce I will now ride for the @sen_no_sen family.
For the last few months, I had to take a decision and my choice is based on what I want to do in the future and on a sentimental feeling.
Sen No Sen was my first sponsor ever and ironically, the brand was etablished in 1999, the year I started bodyboarding. Twenty years later, I am back to where it all started, 2020 is a year of changes for myself and riding for a company who shares the same values as me is a blessing.
Sen No Sen has always supported the bodyboarding industry and it will always be part of the brand but in twenty years, Sen No Sen managed to become a brand anyone who loves the ocean and the environment can identify themselves to.

The future is looking bright and this is one of the biggest opportunity I ve been given in my career, a challenge also but an exciting one, it is time for changes and I really can’t wait to help the brand to grow and develop whatever our minds allow us to do.

Pierre Louis Costes Sen No Sen wetsuits


 Photos: Rute Penedo.

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